Evasion ski 4h skipass

Day skipass on the Evasion Mont Blanc area

2016 news on the Evasion Mont Blanc area, the 4 hour Evasion Skipass.
This winter will offer you more flexibility, choose between the 4 hours Evasion or the 1 day Evasion Skipass to take full advantage of the Evasion Mont Blanc area according to your desires.
Moreover, if you come with your family, you can subscribe to the family discount offer and save 10% on your 1 day Evasion Skipass.

(Buying at least 4 Evasion ski passes, including at least 2 kids ski passes).

Megève is definitely the destination to go to have the best sunny skiing days, facing the Mont Blanc.

The end of the season on the Megeve ski area

After an amazing winter season on the ski slopes, a good quality of snow, shiny days and still wonderful landscapes, the ski area has closed his lifts on Sunday april 19th

The season assessment is positive for everyone.

With a difficult snow cover on the beginning of the winter, we have been lucky with snow falls on January and with sunny days until the end of the season.

Furthermore, the development of the ski fun apps allowed clients to enjoy on another way the ski area. The feedbacks were good and we are happy to develop new things for the skiers.

We are inviting all the skiers’ lovers to come to Megeve and to discover the ski area. The ski area is part of the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area with 445 km of slopes, you will be surprised of all you will find on the slopes. Remember of the pre-selling starting on September 2015 with good prices and some advantages.

Spring, a beautiful season to keep your skis on and skiing!

Spring in Megève is still happening on the ski slopes. The snow fell in abundance during the winter season is still present on the Megeve ski mountains.

You will find something fun and enjoy the pleasures of skiing while enjoying good weather.

To enjoy a beautiful day do not hesitate to leave early to put your skis, buy your ski pass and ski last until early afternoon. After beautiful slopes, relax while enjoying a good meal in one of the many restaurants with terraces of the ski area.

Visit forfaits.megeve.com to discover the hidden treasures of the ski resort of Megeve and buy your ski pass.

The ski Fun Megève on the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area

Why do you do only a ski session when you can do so much more?

The Megève ski area offers you the Ski Fun.

The Ski Fun and thanks to your ski pass, you can follow your ski day and the distance traveled in one day, one week or one ski season.
You can also use the photo point based on top of Rochebrune cable-car and in front of La Folie Douce.
Then, you have two different exercises to do in the ski area, one video zone in Rochebrune, you ski on the Waidzai Park and your course is filmed and one speed test in Mont d’Arbois, you ski on a wonderful slope as faster as you can and your time is recorded.

You will find all your data and explanations on altitude.megeve.com or directly on our website forfaits.megeve.com topic Ski Fun Megève.

Order your skipass and it will be delivered at home

Tired of the endless queue for a skipass ? Choose the easy option : the order on the Internet. The process will only take 5 minutes and your package will arrive home within 10 days.

Going to the ski tomorrow? No problem, we take care of everything. Order the skipass on the internet and let delivered directly to the nearest cash register from your accommodation.

You will find on our website all information about forfaits.megeve.com package purchase as well as the many benefits (loyalty club, free apps, etc …)

Visit our website to order your skipass and then enjoy your ski holidays.

Ski and try new things on the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area!

The Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area welcomes you this winter for amazing feelings. You can ski on 445 km of ski slopes facing the Mont-Blanc.

Rise above to the summits with the gondola of La Princess. You will be at the top of the Mont d’Arbois and you will join the new restaurant of the 2014/2015 winter season. This is La Folie Douce Saint Gervais/Megève, a new concept between restauration and party.
You can enjoy a lunch and then party until the closed of the lifts.

You can also try the new restaurant in Rochebrune, Le téléphérique café, which is totally new with a big sunny terrace.

To enjoy at its fullest your trip, you can order from now your ski pass on forfaits.megeve.com

A ski week end with friends in the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area

A ski week end in Megève

Come in Megève for a week end with your friends on the Domaine Evasion Mont-Blanc which is located near to the Mont-Blanc. With its 445 km of slopes, the landscapes are amazing and you will spend a wonderful time.

You could ski in the morning then take a lunch break on a sunny quiet terrace or you could party in the Folie Douce located in the Mont-Joux. Finally, when you leave, you could take a photo thanks to the “Point Photo” in front of the restaurant, and then you could download, share and print it. Go on altitude.megeve.com.


From now you could book your accommodation in the tourism office website.

You can also order your skipass to avoid holidays’crowd and enjoy your stay.

Ski slopes in Megeve

The Megeve ski area is a part of the Evasion Mont-Blanc area and offers to ski lovers more than 200 ski slopes.

The area is vaste, 445 km and more than 300 km on the Megeve ski area.

There are 44 green slopes, 61 blue slopes, 83 red slopes and 50 black slopes.

The slopes color is an indication of the difficulty. For child and parents, amateurs or professionals, there will always have a ski slopes.

Book your ski pass on forfaits.megeve.com

Let’s prepare your ski trip

Do you plan to have a mountain trip? Book it now so you will avoid holiday’s crowd.

Megève Tourisme will help you to select an accommodation which matches with your expectations.

Moreover, you can buy your ski pass from now, it will be send to you or you can choose to pick it up in Megève. In this way, you will avoid the holiday’s crowd and you will enjoy at its fullest your trip.

For more information, go on forfaits.megeve.com

Details on the Megève Evasion ski fidelity program

The Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area and the Megève ski station offer you the possibility to subscribe for free to the Evasion club Megève fidelity program to have a free Evasion ski journée ski pass.

To start, you have to buy a ski pass on forfaits.megeve.com, 6 days minimum and to subscribe to the Medz fidelity program.

Here are the Medz you can collect, you have to assemble 20 000 Medz to get one free ski day. The ski pass you will have is valid for one year and it is for the person of your choice :

- Forfait Evasion Ski 6 days : 4 500 Medz
- Forfait Evasion Ski 14 days : 10 500 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Ski saison : 18 500 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Ski année : 21 000 Medz

- Forfait Evasion Sport 6 days : 5 100 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Sport 14 days : 11 900 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Sport Saison : 21 250 Medz

- Forfait Evasion Piéton 6 days : 1 800 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Piéton 14 days : 4 200 Medz
– Forfait Evasion Piéton Saison : 7 500 Medz

  •  For each skiday, you will collect 500 Medz.

Go on forfaits.megeve.com and on the Megève Evasion fidelity program for more information.

*More fidelity program’s terms on forfaits.megeve.com